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    • I've heard from a zillion Tesla Model S fans that it's the greatest car ever, the iPhone of cars. But some of those people bought the Model X and had a lot of trouble with them.

      What's the word on the Model 3? If you don't have the money for a Model S, what about the Chevy Volt, Leaf, that adorable Fiat, or maybe wait for BMW?

    • I reserved a Model 3 and I'm pretty excited about it, but probably for different reasons than a lot of people.

      Since I work remotely, I don't actually use my car very much. It turns out this is kind of a weird edge case that combustion engine cars don't handle well. Sometimes I'll even go a whole month without driving it, and I've even had the battery die on me from lack of charging.

      When I do drive, it's usually not very far, which means I can sometimes go a year or more without racking up the 7,500 miles after which I'd need to change the oil. Most manufacturers recommend an oil change at least every 3 months or so regardless of distance driven, but that would be ridiculously overkill in my case, so I ended up doing a bunch of research into why that timeline is recommended and found a lot of conflicting viewpoints about whether such frequent oil changes are necessary.

      So, for me, a huge benefit of the Model 3 is that I can just keep it plugged in, in my garage, use it once or twice a month for short trips, and not worry about whether the oil is turning to sludge or the gas is gumming up the tank or any of those other things.

      I'm also really looking forward to the autopilot features, since traffic in Portland has become pretty unbearable lately, and visiting my parents across the river in Vancouver can sometimes mean a two hour trip at rush hour.

    • I can't wait to hear what you think of it! The reviews are amazing. You might end up driving more because you'll just want to.

      Quartz ran the headline "Tesla Model 3 reviewers are in love: Yes, the hyperbole is necessary".

    • Personally I've wanted a Volt for the past 3 years. However, I really am the kind of person that doesn't like to upgrade unless necessary. It's been instilled in me since I've been a kid. I've had my current car (Kia Rio) since December 2005 and it hasn't let me down yet.

      The things I am weighing are:

      Do I really need an extra expense right now? No, especially if I am moving to California soon. Not having a car payment is really nice.

      How will this Volt save me money on gas mileage? Quite a bit, since I don't go places very often and work from home

      Do I *really* care about the environment and getting off old dinosaur bones to fuel my car? Yes, I do. But if the energy I'm using the charge my vehicle is coming from those sources anyway then this may be a wash..I'd have to investigate the power sources for where I'd be moving.

      Will it handle distance driving since I like to travel? Yes, since the gas generator backup kicks in after ~38 miles. And the generator is actually quite efficient and gives better MPG than most combustion engines anyway.

      When I do move to California I will likely drive whatever vehicle I own. I've driven my Kia across country twice and it would definitely survive a 3rd trip. I don't think I'd want to add the 1500 miles to a brand new car.

      And lastly, the predictions for the 2018 model haven't really impressed me that much. The one feature I loved is when they found a way to reduce the battery size and fit a full back "couch" seat in the car. This is super necessary for me, who travels with my dogs a lot. They did that back in 2015.

      But it's kinda my dream car. Gives me the ease of mind of using electric nearly 90% of the time, and a nice backup gas-generated buffer to "go the distance".

    • I would love to get an electric motorcycle for commuting I sometimes ride my bicycle but mostly ride one of my gas powered motos. My commute is about five miles.

      I haven’t owned a car in 7 years, I do however have access to my wife's car whenever I need it, I would just rather ride.

    • My first post!

      I built my first electric car in my garage - a Mazda MIata conversion -- about six years ago and became a huge fan. Anything I buy going forward will have a plug.

      Since then I've owned 3 electric BMWs. I'm a fan of the Tesla movement, but, the cars they sell are just bigger then I want to drive and park, especially here in Silicon Valley. As my wife puts it, I finally got my "Letter from Hogwarts" meaning I can now configure my Model 3 and yet I can't find the enthusiasm to pull the trigger. That will have to wait for another post.

      The car I have my eye on now more than anything is the Jaguar I-Pace, due to be out this fall.

    • Welcome to Cake!

      I'd be happy to take that Model 3 invite off your hands if you're not gonna use it. 😉 Still waiting impatiently for mine!

    • I've been lusting over an I-Pace! I think it looks more exciting than any of the Teslas. It's fast, 4WD, more affordable than the Model X, good range.

      Emotionally, I just love the idea of an all-electric exciting-looking 4WD Jaguar.

    • Yes! It's even better than I expected.

      While I was waiting impatiently, I read various reports of quality issues with the early-production Model 3s like mismatched panel gaps, paint defects, and even weird software glitches. But the wait was worth it, because by the time they built my car they seem to have worked out the kinks. As far as I've been able to tell over the past couple of weeks, the car is perfect.

      It drives like a dream, accelerates like a rocket, and is more comfortable than I expected it to be. Felicity and I took a trip to the beach on Memorial Day weekend and it was weird how relaxing the drive was in spite of heavy traffic, thanks to traffic-aware cruise control (I didn't use full Autopilot on that trip because it was a curvy undivided highway).

      I've got an epic cross-country road trip planned for July that'll really put the car to the test. I think it's gonna be a lot of fun.

      More gratuitous glamour shots here.