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    • October is my favorite month to visit the Santa Cruz area. This weekend we took a spontaneous drive over the hill before ending our day. I always feel more calm and at peace when I'm near the ocean, so I almost never turn down the idea of going.

      After parking the car, we walked over to the south end of Capitola beach to find that there was a kids surf competition taking place. The waves were some of the biggest I've seen at that location in a while. It was fun seeing proud parents snapping pictures with their telephoto lenses.

      My son was watching the surf from his stroller, so I kneeled down below the railing to take this photo from his vantage. Even though most eyes were on the surfers, he was watching some older kids dig holes in the sand and a few nearby bodyboarders. Someday, it will be him out there.

    • A couple of weeks ago the fires in California made Bay Area air pretty bad, so we had the perfect excuse to Airbnb it on the beach for four days. It's like paradise from Carmel to Santa Cruz. I could sit with my laptop and work on the patio every day and be happy forever.

    You've been invited!