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    • As many of us are spending more time with less people, finding things to pass the time can be difficult. For me one of the challenges has been it is just me and Jennifer, so we need to find games that we both enjoy and are challenging/chance based enough that one player does not win a super majority of the time. The games also need to be stimulating and not without strategy, such as we got board of Yahtzee. Some of the games we have kept playing has been Star Wars Destiny, Scrabble, and Ticket to Ride Europe.

      My question, is what analog, as in not computer or console based, have you been playing? Would you recommend them?

      Peace and Good Health

    • Look into Love letter and Star Realms. They're both super cheap card-based games that are quick and easy to learn. Tokaido is a fun, relaxing game that's great for when you want something to do, but aren't necessarily feeling competitive. Hanabi is an interesting cooperative game where you don't get to see your own hand.