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    • That's a very good question, Factotum. We've debated that internally quite a bit. Victoria has a vision for starting a panel with Q&A days before the panelists arrive so their audience can have time to consider & submit questions. That way, when the panelists arrive, they already have some good audience questions to consider.

      I didn't do it that way with Tab's panel partly because with him on assignment I'm not sure we'll get a hard start date until right before he's ready.

      In prep for his panel I watched Gorillas in the Mist last night. No wonder he and Anna Hamilton Phelan were nominated for an Academy Award. So powerful.

    • Great to hear that this is on your radar, @Chris!

      I'm very much fascinated by native American lifestyles myself, although mostly on a non-fictional level. I will probably lurk here to see what happens with the panel. :)

    • I missed that idea when I initially read the message for this afternoon’s panel interview:

      Please join me in welcoming Andrew Kessler of Scough for a Cake panel this Monday, April 15, from 3-4 PM Eastern. This panel is accepting your questions, so please ask away in advance!

      I think this is exactly what users such as @Ravi have been hoping for. IMHO, the best questions often come from having extended time to formulate them. This is a great enhancement to the audience experience. Extremely impressed with the level of detail that’s gone into the Q&A panel experience.