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    • Since they own IG will be interesting to see how this moves forward, I live near the FB campus and the growth and construction is just incredible and scary as a community hosts such a giant and all the "fun" traffic and other problems that comes with it.

    • I stopped using Facebook in mid 2014. Facebook was a lot more fun when my network consisted of a more intimate friend group, where we could joke around without too much other noise. I think it started to wear on me when my network got so big that I was seeing unsavory posts from people I didn't even know that well, and even more so when I would see family members get really politically charged up about things, often times about things that ended up being hoaxes or untrue events.

      The final straw was when I started getting unwanted push notifications about random friend activity: "So and so just posted a photo." It was actually quite difficult to figure out how to turn that off, and then I started getting it for multiple different people, some of whom I wasn't even close with. This is when Facebook became unwiedly and undesirable for me.

      Haven't really missed it one bit.

    • I keep up (as much as FB will let me) and now that things seem more directed, those posts I'd prefer to see, I don't. Also not a fan of the offensive nature of some posts...insulting might be a better descriptor that some people just seem to post all the time.

      I honestly feel facebook has done more to divide than to unite and hearing myself say that saddens me.

      I kinda like IG plus reading other forums.

    • I've been on and off. Im off now. I have a hard time knowing what people are doing all the time yet not having a real connection and it becomes noise. It's somewhat crazy making. I prefer reaching out to people directly and carving out time for them. My social circle has contracted and I feel less frazzled since ditching it.

      I do like Instagram, though. I like following users who make images that are relevant to my interests. It's a neat form of social media.

      Forums are the place I spend most of my internet time.

    • Unfortunately, I pretty much have to use it for work so as much as I dislike it, I'm still active on it. I like it that I can see who's online so that if I need to contact a person asap, I can do it via the Messenger, and I guess it's a good enough address book. Other than that, if I didn't have to use it for work I would probably gradually leave it altogether.

    • when I got laid off I purposefully removed the app from my mobile devices. I was concerned about PUI and losing severance or prospective jobs. I also removed the Twitter, tumblr, google+ and others.

      I probably check in once a week to see what my frienda are up to via the browser. No apps on the phone.

      I don’t miss it. Been reading books, a lot of Cory Doctorow.

    • Stopped posting a while ago. I do check from time to time, and each time I do, I unfollow some friends or just unfriend them. It became mostly a feed of news from pages/topics I like. I also mostly stopped using Instagram as well, find it terribly boring. I guess social media kinda turns me into a misanthrope :)

    • I recently deleted Facebook entirely for personal reasons. The only thing I miss is the ability to communicate easily with my core family and friends. The data breaches are a concern but the time suck was bigger for me. One positive note is that my iPhone battery life has improved 300% since deleting the Facebook apps.

      Now, If I could find an app for communicating with my family and friends that all of them will use. I would love something that was about communication and not politics, memes, agendas etc.

    • That's what Facebook used to be and it was great at it. It seems like every company with shareholders has to grow and to do that Facebook had to add news and all the rest and become more than family & friends.