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    • Where to begin...

      I love looking at the artistry presented by so many folks on here. I now have the camera and the time to learn so it starts now.

      I have been "quaratined" at home for the last three years. I won't get into the long story of why but sufice it to say my only escapades away from the house in that time, amount to weekly trips to pick up groceries.

      For too long I've been using the excuse that "there's nothing interesting to take pictures of at my house" to stall myself from learning. I need to take the plunge so I am here taking pictures in my back yard then editing them to put here and face the collective scrutiny to get better.

      I want to post a picture every week to start getting this stuff down, so when I can get out into the world and find "interesting" stuff to photograph I'm ready.

      I'm not sure what the most useful info to post for you here is (please tell me if there is more that will help), but I'll start with the run down.

      I use Linux and I'm cheap so I'm editing in DarkTable. Camera is a Lumix G85 and Lens is the kit 12-60mm.

    • It is never too late to pick up a great hobby! Sometime I’m amazed at creativity that people bring even in the most restrictive environments.

      I too have a back yard and love taking photos of random things there: foliage, birds and flowers. If you want to step up your photography, while being stuck in one place then macro photography could be fun. House plants are fun to shoot because they don’t move and are always there for you.

      As for the “after” shot, I definitely see a major improvement in texture and contrast. It is subtle, but perfect!