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    • It's hard to know where to devote time because no one can read/watch it all so you have to make decisions. This book caught my interest because a credible Phd immunologist who once supported vaccinations changed her mind and I'm interested in what caused the change. So I bought the book.

      On the other hand, I bought Vaxxed before Amazon removed it and it was soul-destroying. I regret giving money to it. Unlike someone who has honest differences with current science, Andrew Wakefield fakes scientific data for financial gain and makes things up in his documentary. I know, even the president makes a lot up and much of the country adores him, but as a scientist I still don't like it because vulnerable people believe Andrew and children lose their lives.

      Perhaps I'm extra emotional about it because my mom believed so many televangelists who stripped her of all she owned. Up to her final days, she pleaded with me to give the next televangelist a chance, like Tammy Baker. Maybe that's why I went into science, to get away from people like Wakefield, but it didn't seem to work in our modern world.