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    • Can you help me find the FDA disclosure? I don't seem to be able to find where Del or ICAN linked to it.

      I wasn't sure I understood what Del was getting at with the claims in the press release so maybe reading the source material would help. For example, he felt that there were not enough children tested in the clinical trials the FDA based their recommendation on, which sounds like a legit question. The source material should reference the studies he was referring to so I'm anxious to see it.

      He didn't mention the huge numbers of children who've been tested by other governments and universities around the world and I'm wondering why. For example, this study of Danish kids published in 2002 was of 527,303 children vaccinated in the 90s. The Danish follow-up study they just released was for 657,461 children. The UK study had 10.4 million doses. Does he have concern that they are part of a coverup too?