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    • One day many will realize that vaccine manufacturers lied about safety

      This comment has been bothering me for a few days. I'm in a parallel conversation on another site where we're debating whether the earth is flat or round. Because I'm a geophysicist who spent some of my career analyzing satellite data, I have no credibility in the conversation and I'm considered a liar involved in a coverup. Same as NASA scientists and astronauts.

      I can take being called a liar because of my work in geophysics, but it kills me to see the angels who have devoted their lives to developing vaccines for diseases like ebola and malaria to save untold lives thought of liars. Many of them are wonderful mothers just like you, and they have devoted their lives because they personally witnessed unthinkable suffering and death.

      Unlike any of us in this conversation that I know of, they have spent a decade or two or three fully immersed in the data, science and with the families of the victims.