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    • I completely understand that majority of us wouldn’t have time to study the topic in detail. Some of us had to since it is not a generic topic, it is too close to home. Therefore, sometimes arguments cannot go into real depth since we start from different grounds to begin with. It is not a topic of religion where all arguments are about what we believe in. There is science on both sides, it just takes way more digging to learn about science on the other side.

      After this crazy roller coaster of learning about different aspects of the issue at hand, I realized one important thing. I can no longer approach various controversial topics with preconceived notion. Someone may have studied it to much greater extent. If a topic is of interest to me, then I study it myself. If not, I may form some opinion but usually do it keeping my eyes and ears open.

      Some think GMO issue is a hoax, some believe vegetarians go against their DNA. Sometimes it takes years to change public opinion and there are innocent victims in between...

      Finally, follow the money. Does immunologist like Obukhanych have much to gain from the argument against vaccines? It is a professional suicide. There may be a small market of those who will buy her book, but mostly it is not a lucrative path to go against establishment.