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    • drugs. Human growth hormone, steroids, etc. All or many of the male superhero movie actors are doing it now. It’s getting to be a serious problem.

    • I knew about some of those like Tom Hanks, but Thor?! Dude ate a single boiled egg, a small number of crackers and celery sticks. He said it took a toll on his mind and body.

    • Drew Manning created a fascinating series where he had personal trainers stop exercising, eat junk food and put on 50 or 60 pounds of fat. Drew put on 70 pounds in six months and the emotional toll for him was unexpected and devastating.

      "Those physical things are important, but I feel like we focus too much on those. It’s more so about the mental and emotional side of weight loss and understanding those issues and knowing how to overcome them."

      Source: Fit to Fat to Fit