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    • 1Password supports photo attachments (I store photos of my passport and driver's license along with their info), and also allows you to store your encrypted data on their cloud service so you can access it anywhere while traveling. With a family account you can even choose to share certain information with family members, which is super useful. It's both convenient and secure. 🙂

    • I’m currently planning a June trip to Scandinavia with my 83yo Mom. Very happy to read all these tips, some of which I had not considered before. I will share them with her. Thank you, @Victoria, for the beanbag neck pillow tip especially!

      My tip for this thread is to check out consolidators for business class seats priced well below what the airlines quote. I have been pleasantly surprised to find some great deals this way and will thoroughly enjoy the added comfort and service for some long-haul flights I have coming up.

    • I got this travel hack from a journalist and it saved me many a sleepless night in hotels when I was traveling 60% of the year.

      Most hotel room windows have curtains that should pull together tightly. Unfortunately, when you turn off the lights, there often is a small gap remaining between the curtains, which lets light in. If you need total darkness to fall asleep, you’re basically SOL.

      I always packed a handful of these, courtesy of the office supply closet. Fasten the ends of the curtains with the binder clips and the room should become noticeably darker.