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    • Wow, these are some amazing shots, Jefferson. There is so much energy in your first shot: from the blinding orb of light to the churning of the waves to the clouds that appear to be in movement.

      I love the contrast from photo to photo. And the third one has a “Paris raining at night” magic quality to it.

      Truly wonderful series of shots. Thanks for sharing these!


    • It's been so gross outside in NYC (several days of cold, bleak rain) that now that the sun's out, we're all blinking and getting used to it again!

      Love these photos - the beach views are just so stunning.

    • It’s pretty amazing to see how good photos can be from a phone in the right hands. I think you’re right: morning and evening light is great, but the holy grail is morning or evening light on the edge of storms — before or after it goes completely gray.

      I had to zoom in on my phone to see there are 🏄 🏄‍♀️ out there. What a magical place to live.

    • Ciao! Io dell'Italia sogno la California e forse un giorno ci andrò ma per adesso mi accontento di guardare le tue meravigliose foto. È poco che sono qui e con il fuso orario non è facile seguire ma mi piace cake. Quando avrò imparato bene come funziona pubblicherò anche io qualche foto (da Samsung 😎) mi farebbe piacere avere un tuo giudizio. Complimenti 👏👏 le foto sono tutte stupende (speriamo che il traduttore funzioni..) 🤗

    • I had to use Google Translate to see if my way-too-elementary Italian was close to what you said. Welcome to Cake. 🎂

    • Hi Chris thanks for the welcome for your comment and for the detail of the translation 😊 is not perfect but it's acceptable 😉😀 ciao! 🤗