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    • I awoke to see the sun just starting to light the tops of the pistachio trees the city planted in our neighborhood. They turn last of all our trees here in CA but when they do, they range from yellow to red on the same tree.

    • It was 32 degrees — very cold for us and I stepped out in my bare feet to get a couple quick snaps. But when I saw all the beautiful flowers still blooming, covered in fine dew, I started traipsing in my neighbor's yards with my light shirt to take photos.

    • The neighbors on my block know me and it's fine, but I was quite a sight to the ones traipsing through from surrounding blocks who thought I must have escaped from the local asylum.

    • Autumn here down in the Southern Hemisphere here now, so I can start to add to this feed now. We don't get the big colour changes with the trees here as most of our trees here keep their leaves during winter, in summer the trees shed their bark instead, there are a couple of places that have trees from the north which will lose their leaves, so may try and get to those places in a month’s time when the colours start, but for now just the flowering plants of winter, this one's a Correa (Adorabell) Rutaceae. In the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan, last Saturday. Two off camera speedlites hand held for this shot.

    • Staying put at home these days so no trips to the botanic gardens for a while, but that doesn't mean no photography, This was taken in the front garden today, a little Flannel flower. 
      Lighting, two speedlites main on the flower, and a second on the foliage with a chocolate gel for the golden colour. Always fun playing with light to see what you can create.

    • Another Autumn flower shot from the front garden, a Smaller Grevillea, but of water spray and bit of lighting. its only about 20mm (3/4") so little one.

    • Still Autumn here offically well at least for another day or so , before we clock over to Winter on Monday here. So an Autumn shot of a Grevillea in flower in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan last Saturday.