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    • Happy Thanksgiving to all ya’alls!!

      It turns out that saying “thank you” (or simply “thanks”)—or expressing gratitude by any other means—can provide an immediate, gratifying, and even sustained boost of happiness.

      The research comes from Martin Seligman, Ph.D., the director of the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania, and the author of the forthcoming bookThe Hope Circuit. Seligman and his team asked 411 participants to perform a variety of so-called “happiness interventions,” or tasks believed to boost happiness levels. In one intervention, participants were asked to write thank-you letters to people from their past and then hand-deliver them. According to Seligman, the folks who completed this task continued to float on a happier altitude an entire month later.

    • Thank you!! And Happy Thanksgiving. 😁

      He's the real deal. I've listened to various of his lectures and read some of his previous books like Learned Optimism. He was president of the American Psychological Association and gave a great TED talk. On the surface it sounds like he's dishing cheap popsci self help, but I think his work to flip psychology around so it's not based on a disease model is really important.

    • Thank for sharing the video, pleasureful, good and meaningful are also stages of development we strive for- integrating all of them into our being is ideal as the research shows.

      Ancient cultures taught these things thru mythology and the Hero’s tale/journey/story.

      Cultures that don’t teach or foster their devolpment are the lessor for it.

    • I always say thank you to waiters at restaurants when they serve my food. Or cashiers at supermarkets or road side hawkers. Always a good practice to say thank you to others, especially those who provide you with daily sustenance.