World Music Match, known as WMM Record is an American record label founded by musician Wendo MusalyWMM Record's president is Wendo Musaly who is also a singer-songwriter and dancer. WMM Recordwas founded in August 02/ 2018. The label has released Six singles and Two US albums that reached number one on the Billboard 200chart: GooDLucK(2018), and Tranquility 1(2020), which includes singles like Pourquoi?! (featuring. Mr Oli) by Wendo Musaly, Give Me That Eh (featuring. Mr Oli & Q-Boi) by Wendo MusalyTu’undane(featuring. Lumiere Mbilizi) by Wendo MusalyKiboko WE by Wendo MusalyJe T’aime by Wendo Musaly. Current artists include Wendo MusalyLumiere MbiliziSwaga MilioneaMr. OliThe Q-Boi, and Ebenizer Official, among others. The label has released three compilation albums — We Live Once (2018), Africa (2019), and You Are The One Who Can Stop Yourself (2020).