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    • cvdavis

      What the usa could really use now is a third party political system. A third party political system would reduce divisiveness and create opportunities for good ideas to escape ideological deadlocks.Why that is extremely unlikely to happen has been written about by many other people much more knowledgeable than myself so I won't make that argument here. How would you feel about a serious third party on par with the Democrats and Republicans joining the political arena?

    • gorudy

      I agree 100%. I'd like to vote for a party of reason. Growing up in NH we're one of the few states that actually does swing between blue and red. I'd like to think we can take the best of both parties as they are not mutually exclusive IMO.

      What do you think it would take to have a viable third political party?

    • cvdavis

      Here's a link to an article that says why it isn't likely to work

      I'll have to do some investigating before I can give you a reasonable answer. Hopefully someone else who has more knowledge on this can chime in.

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