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    • At first, I didn't like the heap of hashtags on G+. I still don't. I understand why Instagram has to use hashtags - Insta has no Collections or Circles. I think the max 5 topics on Cake is good by itself but the need to gain approval a topic, that's a pain. I don't mind one hashtag or two on Cake so that one can trace post across topics and chronology but since Topics are the official preferred category tool for Cake, then using a heap of hashtags to gain attention is just ugly and desperate

    • @AnandaSim I completely agree, using a ton of hashtags instead of leading a proper conversation is ugly, and often makes it obvious that someone is just looking for attention while not having anything to say. Still, a few hashtags where appropriate can be useful.

      I'd also think that this might be a good quality-of-life improvement for people who prefer to compose a post just via their keyboard, without having to use the mouse and/or move away from the main input field. On Google+, for example, I really like the fact that I can format text by just using special characters while typing (for those not used to G+, *bold* will be formatted as bold; _italics_ as italics, and so on)- and if starting a word with a '#' character would suggest topics, just like starting with an '@' character suggests people, this would be nice.

    • Welcome fellow refugee! I've been here a while now, and based on what you said in your post, I think you'll enjoy it here. I have. Not only is this a great place for writing, it's a great place for reading interesting content as well. A nice change from the noise of social media.

    • Thanks for the welcome, @JazliAziz - and good to see some familiar faces from G+ appear on my post already. :)

      I'm already enjoying it, although content discovery could probably still be enhanced a bit. The team seems to have all the right priorities, though, so I'm looking forward to eventual updates in that regard.

    • (*)I found this leaf in an empty parking lot while on a walk last weekend. In my images, I like contrasts of all kinds - and this colorful, weirdly shaped leaf on a nearly monochrome background with its regular pattern is something I just needed to take a photo of.

      I feel like I just discovered your origin story.