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    • The Joe Rogan Experience is hit or miss because he has some kooky guests, but I like the way he does a respectful interview in the form of a long back and forth discussion. He doesn't yell or talk over a guest he disagrees with, but rather allows them to make their point then politely disagrees. Being respectful of others' views is a very rare thing these days. His guests span the political spectrum. His interviews last for hours so they're good for long commutes.

      Preet Bharara does interesting interviews on the US legal system.

      Fresh Air is only good because Terry Gross is the best interviewer on the planet. I'll listen to Fresh Air even when the topic is something that I'd never in a million years be interested in.

      I used to listen to the Ted Radio Hour but have mostly given up on it. Their production quality is good but they've moved towards guests that are either involved in some pseudo-science or wander off into conclusions that aren't based on facts and sound preachy.

    • I find my tastes split into 2, maybe three camps.

      The first camp is stuff that's topical, news-based. In that category I have things like;
      * Deadline White House (same-day pod of Nicolle Wallace's MSNBC show)
      * Pod Save America
      * Pod Save the World (outstanding foreign policy pod)
      * Stay Tuned with Preet (former US Attorney for Southern District of NY Preet Bharara, the guy Trump fired)
      * Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me (this is like dessert, I save it)
      * Fresh Air (occasionally)
      * On the Media (I've actually stopped listening, their bias and self-seriousness got to me)

      The second camp is information podcasts that are not news related;
      * What Trump Can tell Us About Con Law (law professor explains constitutional law in light of current events, one topic per show)
      * 99% Invisible (deep dive into curious facts about the world we live in)
      * The Allusionist (explores words -- she's funny and good)
      * Song Exploder (bands dissect the creative process behind a given song, in detail)
      * 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy (they actually stopped at 51. Super interesting.)

      The third camp is general interest;
      * Truth and Movies (British movie review pod)
      * How to be Amazing with Michael Ian Black (he's a fantastic interviewer and his guest choices are utterly unpredictable)

      I actually have a fourth category, which is sports, But since most of it is either local or about Chelsea FC, I assume nobody would be interested.

    • In no particular order...

      99% Invisible
      Hidden Brain
      This American Life
      Make Me Smart (collaboration between Marketplace and Tech)
      Revisionist History
      The Infinite Monkey Cage
      More Perfect
      The Way I Heard It
      Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project
      The Joe Rogan Experience
      Christopher Titus Podcast
      Cycling Tips

    • I love "Oh No Ross and Carrie". It's a duo that is incredibly funny and they investgate religions, pseudoscience, and claims of the paranormal.

      I also love:

      You Must Remember This

    • My favorite interviewer of them all is Terry Gross of Fresh Air. I have to be interested in the guest, but if I am her interviews are riveting for me. Here are some that really got my attention:

      Ronan Farrow
      Inside America's First Family
      Remembering Feminist Scholar Jill Ker Conway
      Remembering Anthony Bourdain (not by Terry, but great anyway)
      Former Obama White House Staffer Ben Rhodes
      'Quest' Follows A North Philly Family For 8 Years
      Michael Pollan On The 'New Science' Of Psychedelics
      Jon Bon Jovi

    • I'm a die hard Tim Ferris Show fan. You can never go wrong listening to Tim. I just started listening to Business Wars and it's fascinating. You can hear the backstories of famous corporate wars like Blockbuster vs. Netflix, Nike vs. Adidas, etc.

    • Some of these have already been mentioned so I'll add my vote too, along with a few others.

      99% Invisible
      The Allusionist
      Freakonomics Radio
      Hidden Brain
      Planet Money
      Pod Save America
      Pod Save the World
      RSA Events
      TED Radio Hour

    • Usually the way thse threads go is that everyone (like me) is eager to share what they listen to. But they only scan the lists that others post and often don't add any of them to their own lists.

      I'm going to try to break that habit by giving Hidden Brain and Invisibilia a listen.

    • I'm adding two!

      One I listened to yesterday really moved me: Ezra Klein's interview with Eric Garcetti on the Ezra Klein show.

    • Kinda surprised no one has mentioned Marketplace. I listen to that show quite often—it’s a daily 30 min. show/podcast that looks at the US economy from various real-life angles.

      Earlier this year, they produced an hour-long interview with the three guys who steered the economy through the disaster 10 years ago: Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke, and President of the New York Fed Tim Geithner. Sounds wonky, but it was very interesting to hear these three talk about the personal terrors of economic meltdown.

      I occasionally listen to Manoush Zomorodi’s “Note to Self” - “a tech show about being human” but have kind of slacked off because it started to get a little too narrow and preachy... (I agree with an earlier poster who had the same criticism about On the Media, too. Such an interesting premise—to analyze the media’s work—too bad it has kind of gone sour.)

    • I listen to Marketplace on my local NPR station, both in the morning w/ David Brancaccio and Kai in the evening. The podcast named Make Me Smart from my list above is from Marketplace and is a collaboration with Kai Ryssdal and Molly Wood of Marketplace Tech. They often do deep dives into the topics that don't get as much air time on the original Marketplace segments.

      This is one of my favorite and most enlightening episodes:

      FFWD to 9:00 and listen to the interview until the 26:00 mark for a

    • Really enjoyed that episode. Thanks for sharing, Ridge. “Make Me Smart” is on my podcast playlist now, too. 👍🏻

    • I listen to half of Kara Swisher’s Recode podcasts about the tech industry. Her particular angles are about good and evil in tech and the treatment of women.

      This morning she interviewed the three women running National Geographic and what the brand stands for (exploring the human journey and standing on the side of facts, science, and the planet).

    • No, just purused it though. Thanks for sending it my way! Lots of great suggestions. I’ll have to check out a few. All 100 would be too overwhelming. 🤪

      I tried a few that people recommended in earlier parts of this conversation thread but I find that the person talking almost has more weight on whether I’ll subscribe or not. Even if the content or interviews are great. Unless I connect with the person I find myself zoning out or disinterested. And on a 45+ commute, I need all the stimulation I can get.

    • It's amazing how long it took for podcasts to catch on. 15 years ago the guys who started Twitter first tried Odeo, a podcasting network that couldn't get traction. I don't know if it was a chicken or egg thing where there weren't enough podcast listeners for big names to get interested or there weren't enough big names to get listeners interested.

      Or maybe it just required enough convenience with modern phones and podcast apps.

      Anyway, my favorites are still the ones Terry Gross produces with Fresh Air, which predates podcasts. She's a national treasure.