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    • How long do Solar Minima typically last? Do they have a long term affect on the rate of climate change or merely short term effects? Is the length of the current Minimum predictable or is it a case of wait and see?

    • Solar cycle is typically 11 years long, with minimums usually being a year long. We know the exact date of the minimum only in retrospect (after the activity picks up again). I don't think it has any significant effect on the climate or weather, other than it might be a bad time to go aurora watching. :-)

    • Almost all the news that I have read has stated that meteorologist expect colder than usual temperatures. But based on your post I'm guessing that they mean over a twelve month period of time after which it will revert to normal.

    • Damn, how screwed are we if this year is 'colder than usual'...?

      As far as I can tell (that is, as far as Wikipedia tells me), research has not produced many significant results that would confirm the effect of the solar cycle on the climate. And what evidence there is, it dwarfs in comparison to man-made effects driving the climate change now.