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    • How do you say "love" in Portuguese?

      Put it across the wood of a guitar, or actually, a "Viola."

      On our recent trip to Lisbon and Porto, Portugal, I became entranced with these local instruments, made in Portugal and sold only there, to represent different regions of the country.

      For instance, the Brago Viola, is used in the Douro and Minho regions, while the Viola Toeira is popular in Coimbra

      And yes, these guitar like instruments are called "Violas," not to be confused with the large violin cousin. They tend to have more strings, mostly 12, and each different model has different tunings, akin to Slack Key of Hawaii.

      I lust after the Brago, the one with the hearts below.

      Like a fool, I left Porto without buying one, but good news. I made contact with the shop, which has agreed to send one over, for a hefty 200 EURO in shipping costs alone.

      Wouldn't you want to have one of these babies on your wall?

    • I wanted EVERY ONE and I told the store this, but sadly, not just no unlimited funds, but how to haul them home? I've since made contact with the store and arranging to mail order the model with the hearts. That's the one I really fell in "love" with.