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    • I am curious to get some thoughts from the Cake community about what role social media will play in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. We’ve seen Twitter flag some of Donald Trump’s tweets for being fake news (such as the CNN toddler tweet) and Facebook take down some of his posts (like the post that depicted a Nazi symbol). 

      Four years ago, Trump pretty much went unchecked in terms of what he could post and if what he posted was fake news, he could just shrug it off and go on his merry way, wreaking more havoc and chaos online. Not to mention all the bots and trolls that were trying to tip things in his favor. 

      This time around, he’s getting fact checked and social media platforms are now aware of how social media influenced the 2016 election. Do you guys think social media will rise to the challenge and not allow Trump to have the same type of advantage he had last time or will spouting fake news work out for him like it did in 2016? 

    • I hope they don't play any, because social media = monetization and nothing else. except for bringing stupid to same level as academics.

    • Unfortunately he is still not getting fact checked enough.

      I would like to see social media not play a role but I'm afraid that is a pure pipe dream.

      I would like facts to win over lies. Oh, I wish I could make that happen!

    • one of the biggest problems with social media is human brain and perception. Research has shown that people are more likely to believe things that align with their beliefs. But then they are more likely to continue believing something even when they are later shown it has been debunked. In other words one side can promote all kinds of nonsense that will affect voters beliefs and influence their thinking even when it’s not true and shown to be false. Social media as it currently exists is a huge problem. Sam Harris has some good podcast interviews on this issue. Sorry I don’t have a link handy or remember off had which episode. I can look it up if you ask.