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    • If a company with access to all the relevant data on the planet, and the resources to evaluate it, says that their employees are less likely to DIE if they work from home then we should all be scared out of our minds.

      On the drive in to work this morning, I was listening to last week’s The Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast. (H/t @cvdavis )

      A regular on the show is a physician who consults on COVID-19. One of his patients has been in the hospital since April. The virus is gone from their system, however, the permanent damage to their organs and immune system has kept them hospitalized. Even after they recover, they will never be back to the health level they were at prior to the virus.

      The physician made the important point that we shouldn’t be so focused on the death rate when the damage caused to the survivors can be enormous.

      Also mentioned in the podcast episode. Pfizer, one of the companies in the lead in developing a vaccine, said that once they have a viable approved vaccine they will be able to produce 2 billion doses over two years. Meaning that only a quarter of the population would receive treatment over two years.

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    • I'm just guessing, perhaps WFH also generates sizeable operational savings combined with thousand corporate cubicles being powered off.. The daily human interaction is indeed a thing, but only when those interacted with, are likeable.. 🙊