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    • HEY! That’s my sekret trick, how I get to look smart about stuff. It’s Google image search where you get to upload an image and it finds visually similar images.

      I need to start using this trick!

    • These are the instructions for iPhone—similar for Android, I think.

      Every time I’ve done this, I’ve thought it was a miracle, and then I promptly forgot all the steps because I just don’t need to do it very often. Identifying plants, though, is the perfect situation!

    • Looks like they are ready for this year’s Pride Reception at 10 Downing Street. (Students at the London Flower School were invited to decorate—this is what they designed and created.)

    • How did we come to live in such an amazing world?! This is just one of those images floating around the net with no attribution.

    • Yesterday's heat and humidity didn't convince me to stay home. I headed to Prescott Park in Portsmouth, NH to visit the flowers.

      I was dripping with sweat by the time I finished visiting the flowers. The sun was still shining but clouds were moving in. I saw lightning and dark skies in the distance as I drove towards home and into the strong thunderstorm. 

      The garden was popping with color!

      I saw some early dahlias.

      And there were many colors of gazania (African daisies).