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    • Our family loves Star Wars. Everything about Star Wars. So a trip to Disneyland will definitely be on our schedule as soon as possible. An almost-identical version of Galaxy’s Edge will open at Disney World near Orlando on Aug. 29

      The article gives a pretty good travelogue about what to expect.

      "Galaxy’s Edge will include two marquee rides, one of which, Rise of the Resistance, Disney describes as a “harrowing” visit to a Star Destroyer that includes a face-off with the ruthless Kylo Ren. There are workshops where you can build your own lightsabers ($199) and functioning droids ($99 and up). In a first for strait-laced Disneyland, alcohol will be sold inside Oga’s Cantina, where a tequila-based Dagobah Slug Slinger goes for $15 and the space chardonnay is bright blue. Multiple restaurants serve “Star Wars”-themed food,...."

      It really looks like a total immersion experience. Anxious to hear from other visitors? How wonderful was it?

    • A friend of mine got to go to the grand opening and his photos and recaps looked incredible!

      Apparently the build-your-own lightsaber experience, while expensive (I think it starts at $200?) is unmissable.

      Apparently the iconic Blue Milk beverage is plant-based and delicious with hints of fruit flavor!