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    • I had no idea today's prompt was about touch. It just so happens that I had a massage today. I don't get them often because I find the table uncomfortable physically, my lower back bothers me laying there. Combine that with the fact that I do not sit still and or relax very well and it's just not something I totally enjoy like most people.

      If you ask my massage therapist he'll tell you I'm a pain in the rear client. I know this because my massage therapist is my husband. Lucky me, right? Well you know the old adage about the shoe maker's kids? I do schedule a massage once every few months though as I need help with particular issues, or if I've done a ton of walking and especially when I come back from photographing in the city, my neck pays the price for all those perspective shots looking up.

      So, I'm grateful today for my husband's massage therapy touch and for sometimes being his guinea pig so that he can learn how to help his client's better. I know many of his clients are also grateful.

      (someday I should take some images of him working)

    • Oh man, massage... I have spent a lot of years running and have some scar tissue built up from a pulled-several-times hamstring and a torn calf muscle. I don't feel them when I run but massage therapists immediately go there with their elbows and make me sweat. I'm trying to be grateful for massage touch but I dunno...

      I'm gonna go with body slams. Here's the thing, we had a yellow lab that we adored who slept on our bed between us at the foot of the bed. If we accidentally rolled over and touched him, he'd move, presumably to be a good dog and not disturb us.

      When he passed on, we got another, but he has to be pressed against us. At first we couldn't sleep that way but there was no dissuading him. And if he could have his head on one of us and legs on the other, so much the better. Now we're so used to it we love it and prefer sleeping that way. But he gets up in the middle of the night, circles once and body slams us on the way down.

      Sometimes we dog sit and end up with 3 on our bed. This is what it looks like. I'm the body to the left of the iPhone snappy.