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    • Since covid started it seems people are doing a lot of projects, garden work, home improvements and assorted hobbies. I’ve been working on dirt bikes and bicycles. Here’s what my garage looked liked today while half way through an engine top end rebuild on one bike and a refreshed suspension job on another. What have you been doing to keep yourself busy around the home or cottage?

    • in a similar vein, I have a 20 foot container that was a mess, I organized all mismatched stuff into similar categories and have enough parts to build a motorcycle, what I used to do for a living.

      The original plan was to simply sell everything off at about 30 cents on the dollar, so I'd be satisfied and the buyer could make a very sweet profit, but that hasn't happened. All I know ifor certain is I have right around 4000lbs of stuff!

      Once the bike is complete and running then I can start to sell everything else off.

    • I purchased a BMW G650Xchallenge about 2 years ago and it has needed lots of work. I normally visit a local moto makespace to rent a lift but with COVID-19 keeping the space closed I decided to start working in my own garage. I picked up a lift from Harbor Freight and got to work.

      So far I've replaced the tires with D606s, replaced the front brake pads and rotor, replaced the cush drive dampers, adjusted the front steering bearings, and treated many rusted bolts to Evapo-Rust. The cush drive dampers were special because BMW no longer makes them. Luckily an inmate at ADVrider arranged for a rubber manufacturer to make new sets by copying one of the last OEM dampers. I got them from England a few weeks ago. You can see the trashed ones in the photo. The rear sprocket was wobbling badly after 26K miles of abuse on the originals.

      I really enjoy working on this bike; however, I also want to ride it! So I've had some work of my long list done by a local shop lately: oil change and replacing fork oil, brake fluid and coolant.

      This week I'll be replacing a bad fuel level sensor in the BMW. I ran out of gas last week testing if the sensor was broken :) BMW would charge something like $250+ for an entire assembly vs. $20 for the sensor itself so I'm doing this work on my own.

      Next up will be new chain & sprockets on the Triumph.

      Along the way I've been improving the garage. I got a mechanic's creeper and tool chests to keep things organized. It's a nice place to work nowadays!

      I'm finding this work is really enjoyable. I work on a computer all day so I really look forward to shop time after the work day is over to unwind.

    • Cheers - I was going to enter it in a Show in early September. But that's very covidoubtful now. Nada crowded spaces for me.

      So I took a few photos because I suspect some of it will end up being online anyway.