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    • Over the years, I‘ve gone through many breakfast options from eggs to oatmeal to sweet potatoes. As such, I’m always looking for healthy breakfast ideas that are easy to make.

      This morning my girlfriend made a trio of my favorite breakfast items. It was so simple and so delicious! Simple avocado toast, banana toast and roasted Japanese sweet potato. This trio was accompanied by a cup of Nicaragua pour-over coffee ☕️. I can’t think of a better combo...

      What’s in your favorite healthy breakfast?

    • Are we dating the same person? Standard breakfast for us is avo toast and PB & Almond Butter with banana toast. I like a couple free range organic eggs to go on the avo toast.

    • This morning it was oatmeal-banana pancakes with applesauce and cinnamon on top. Or blackberries and raspberries on top. The kids go crazy for them.

    • I'm a light eater early in the day so I actually prefer soups in the morning. I feel like there should be more breakfast soups! Im also a fan of eggs so will sometimes scramble up an egg or two.

    • My goto breakfast is steel-cut oatmeal with goji berries and a cinnamon-spice mix that Toni makes with cloves in it. I never get tired of it and I feel like every ingredient is very healthy.

      Sometimes Toni makes such huge batches of soups they become breakfast too, and I always felt strange about it. Soup for breakfast? Who does that? But I guess it's a thing around the world and some of those recipes look amazing. Even Martha Stewart has breakfast soup recipes.

    • I make a lot of soup from scratch so I usually just have leftovers in the morning, but I bet it would be a fun challenge to come up with some breakfasty soups! Maybe a lighter broth with some potatoes and other veggies, and then a poached or soft boiled egg? 🤔

    • I had breakfast at the station house cafe in pt reyes today. Grits, some local toma cheese, sauteed greens and one soft cooked egg on top. It was divine and kept my motor running until dinner time.

    • I like Paleo Bread - which I basically make with an almond butter base, flax seed, and a few Tblsp. of coconut flour, put a little butter on that, and make an egg over-easy. If I'm lucky, that has chile on top. That, along with coffee and a little coconut oil mixed in the blender, for a frothy hot drink. That is my favorite "go-to" healthy breakfast.

    • Ugh, I hate to be that whiney guy who sounds like your mother, but I think that despite the enormous amount of money the food industry is spending to promote coconut oil, leading to tons of popular media articles calling it healthy, it's just like partially hydrogenated oils. The food industry had us believing they were healthy for decades.

      I attended a lecture last year by the head cardiologist at Stanford, who said he was surprised at how much progress the food industry has made in getting us to believe coconut oil is a reasonable substitute for lard and Crisco, when he thinks it's worse. He and other researchers have spent decades inducing heart disease in primates, and the cheapest and quickest way to do it is by adding coconut oil to their feed.

      For years I cringed as Bob Harper, the famous trainer on Biggest Loser, demoed how he made coconut oil coffee in the mornings. But at 51 he had a near-fatal heart attack even though he is slender and ripped. At first he blamed his genes, but I notice that now he's changed his diet to Mediterranean and he's getting his heart disease under control.

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