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    • Adding to the Leura Falls Creek Shots heres the end of Lura Casscades taken in 2013, really need to get back up there and redo all these, been way to long since I was up there. 8 second exposure on this shot.

    • Nice long exposure shot of the cascades Glenn :) There is a bit of water in the stream at present - and the ferns are a mix of russets and silvers, so well worth the effort. The lower trails are still closed past Empress and mid-point Wentworth. I wonder if they will ever reopen :(

      Upper Leura Cascades, this week, processed with Fuji Astia 100F (Balance cool)

    • Govetts Leap, Blackheath

      Charles Darwin visited Australia and his diary makes fascinating reading. Later in life he tried to work it all out, and ran into a problem.

      "About New Zealand, at last I am coming round & admit it must have been connected with some Terra firma; but I will die rather than admit Australia." - Charles Darwin (August 1863, an argument at Kew Gardens)

      Charles Darwin stood here and looked at Govett's Leap. He tried hard to understand Australia, but thirty years after leaving the place forever, he admitted defeat.

      This week, after a couple of sharp rainfalls, the creek has recharged. It will take a little longer for the hanging gardens on the cliffs to recover from the drought.

      Image: Shot under light cloud - a burst panorama toned for depth.
      More images of the falls at:

    • A few years ago, I spent five hours there on my own in inclement weather. I left totally relaxed. And at peace. Yes, I took lots of photos, but a lot of time was spent just sitting and taking in the forest scent and looking really closely at all sorts of things. Fantastic.

    • Yes it’s that kind of place, often think it’s the sort of place to retire to, just go on walks each day with a camera, or as you say just sit and take it all in, spent about two and a half weeks down there last year, will probably head down again next year for a few weeks, we’ll see how things work out. But an amazing place, if you like moss covered trees certainly the place to be down Tassie.

    • Bungonia Gorge - A fun place to go hike (and abseiling). Abseilers get a ring side seat - most of the waterfalls can only be seen as you go down the creeks on ropes.

    • Yes can have an effect I just checked this one I've been in to the HSL sliders in light room and had a play with the various colours on this one to get it where it is, not to much but few tweeks here and there on this one.

      This ones not to far out of Launcestonabout 20 minute walk from memory from the parking and to get this angle down a bit of a bank and feet a little wet, but some days you jsut do that. OK most days.

    • Give yourself two weeks at least, definately worth it just for the waterfalls alone, let alone everything else it has. I'll post a few shots from Mount Feild National Park in the coming weeks, three main falls there, All surrounded in lush green furns and the likes. Definately some where to add to your list of places to go, First when when the Ferry still left from Sydney, but thats no longer, so overnight Melbourne trip these days across the straight into Launcston.

    • Rockton Falls Genoa Rivers, the Monaro

      This is a lonely place.
      You get here down an unmarked road, with lightning from an afternoon thunderstorm crashing around, hugging the side of a deep gorge, through a dark forest. The entrance to This place could not be more foreboding.
      The Genoa River once marked the border between the colonies of New South Wales and Victoria. It rises in the mountains nearby and flows into the sea at the Victorian coastal resort of Malacoota. There, in the tidal stretches, the river is a couple of hundred meters across.
      Water was once diverted from the top of the fall to a waterwheel to cut logs and mill grain for the small Irish community. In the old days, girls from the coast would spend a full day riding up the Yuin Trace from the coast to attend a local dance.
      The pool is deep and pleasant to swim in. Those who lived here once had a couple of deep granite pools nearby to choose from.

    • Coffee and Cream Riverfall, Molonglo Gorge

      Coffee and Cream Riverfall (about a third of the way along the gorge a little before Amphitheater Falls) is naturally bashful, hiding behind a screen of native oak, casuarina and wattle.

      The Molonglo Gorge sits uncomfortable between the Australian Capital Territory (which today is threatened by a large bush fire to the west) and New South Wales. As a result, it is largely forgotten. I once counted 50 waterfalls (many inaccessible) and no other hikers along the gorge.

      More images at

      When in flood (which may occur as soon as mid next week) the water takes on the color of wattle in bloom, as the system is flushed.

    • One of the many waterfalls in Karijini National Park Western Australia, this one at Fern Pool. Taken Spring last year, Just over a 2 minute exposure on this shot, neutral density filters used to get to the slower shutter speeds.