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    • Catalyst

      Bridal Veil Falls - Close-up (Blue Mountains NP)

      The first of a number of falls on Leura Falls Creek.
      Shot in soft clouds. Toned for depth.

    • Glenn_Smith

      Adding to the Leura Falls Creek Shots heres the end of Lura Casscades taken in 2013, really need to get back up there and redo all these, been way to long since I was up there. 8 second exposure on this shot.

    • Catalyst

      Nice long exposure shot of the cascades Glenn :) There is a bit of water in the stream at present - and the ferns are a mix of russets and silvers, so well worth the effort. The lower trails are still closed past Empress and mid-point Wentworth. I wonder if they will ever reopen :(

      Upper Leura Cascades, this week, processed with Fuji Astia 100F (Balance cool)

    • Glenn_Smith

      Thanks, probably wont get up there again till December, but will ceratinly be up there a couple of times then, Thanks. Have good one there.

    • Catalyst

      Govetts Leap, Blackheath

      Charles Darwin visited Australia and his diary makes fascinating reading. Later in life he tried to work it all out, and ran into a problem.

      "About New Zealand, at last I am coming round & admit it must have been connected with some Terra firma; but I will die rather than admit Australia." - Charles Darwin (August 1863, an argument at Kew Gardens)

      Charles Darwin stood here and looked at Govett's Leap. He tried hard to understand Australia, but thirty years after leaving the place forever, he admitted defeat.

      This week, after a couple of sharp rainfalls, the creek has recharged. It will take a little longer for the hanging gardens on the cliffs to recover from the drought.

      Image: Shot under light cloud - a burst panorama toned for depth.
      More images of the falls at:

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