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    • In my opinion it didn't have the look or sound Harley riders want. That's what I fear for their new bike.

      Yep - but it was still quite easily the best bike they ever made. Especially the Street Rod variant. (The one I crashed at the Australian Press launch.)

      Yes - It's not what the current Harley rider wants is correct. But the current Harley Rider is not what they are aiming for. They still make Heritage Softails and Ultra Classics for them - but as noted - that market is getting smaller as it gets older and will eventually drop off the twig.

      The Gen-next is what too many of the Safari Suiters and the 'Pirates' dismiss as Hipsters.

      I have no problem with the bearded stove pipe brigade - they ride bikes and buy bike magazines - but they aren't interested in 300kg lounge chairs on wheels - ADV, cruiser or otherwise.

      But they are the market that H-D and other manufacturers are starting to recognise as needing to be catered too.

      Change is coming. Soon it will be self-aware.