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    • Me, slouching closest to camera at the launch.

      Robert Dennert, Platform Director VRSC Motorcycles is giving the introduction to the Street Rod prior to the assembled Australasian magazine writers test riding them over the Snowy Mountains.
      I bonded with Robert because we both crashed on the ride. He just dropped his doing a U turn.

      I was being held up through the twisty bits by one of the Journos and got impatient, went around the outside and into a right hander waaay too hot. The bike dropped into the roadside culvert with me still on it and went around the corner upright like a slot car. When it came to the drainage cover it stopped dead and threw me over the bars into a vertical sandstone wall at about 25mph - exactly like one of those velcro 'Bar Fly' suits.

      I was entirely uninjured except for one tiny drop of blood from a split lip where I'd hit the inside of my Shoei.

      The bike had some scratches on the exhaust and radiators but after they got the mud off it I rode it for the rest of the launch.

      Once the H-D crew had established I was all OK all they basically did was laugh at me.