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    • My relationship with yoga started on Instagram. Just through browsing, I discovered this network of yogi Instagram influencers: they all follow each other and post pictures of themselves practicing yoga, pairing these with captions that impart spiritual wisdom. 

      I remember thinking the poses were so beautiful. These yogis were so graceful, feminine, impressive, and calm! They were able to contort their bodies in extremely difficult ways and still look at peace. I wanted to be able to do what they were doing. 

      So, I started to practice yoga on my own. Meanwhile, I was learning all of this yoga philosophy through captions, and I’ve taken so many of these mantras to heart. So, social media has been transformational for my yoga practice, and yes, it definitely inspired some parts of BREATHE IN,
      CASH OUT.

    • In this book, you truly are rooting for Allegra to succeed - so when she undertakes a no-food, no-caffeine fast during one of the most crucial times in her career, you're on the edge of your seat reading along. With the benefit of hindsight and healthy living, how would you suggest someone handle demands as intense as Allegra hypothetically faces in that section?

    • I’d say: You have to release control of the outcome. You can try your best, and you can work really hard, but you have to know that the result is out of your control. All you can control are the process and the inputs. Then, you have to let it be.

    • The book also includes a hearty dose of romantic tension - no spoilers but it's interesting that you set up a few potential leads for Allegra to be involved with. Who would your dream
      casting be in a movie for the role of Mark? What about Tripp?

    • Beyond the protagonists of BREATHE IN, CASH OUT, there are also antagonists, like Allegra's relentless and draconian VP Vivienne. However, we're allowed to get glimpses of Vivienne's humanity from time to time. Was it a deliberate choice to add that dimensionality to these not-always-likeable-but-always-human characters?

    • I think it’s inevitable that the humanity comes out when you work on your characters for as long as I did! Yes, these people are fictional, but they feel very real to me.

    • So much! I’m writing the pilot of BREATHE IN, CASH OUT for TV, and I just sold my second novel to the same team at Simon & Schuster earlier this month. My second book is a love story, and we hope for that to be out next year.

    • It's important to give and receive love if you want to be happy.