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    • Skeletool CX is my preference too. it's thin enough to carry in waistband. The blade stock isa higher quality blade steel, and is wicked sharp, and holds it's edge well. I have others, but unlessi actually carry them, they don't get much use. Oh yes... If you've got the tool orienteda certain way it can totally squeeze a chunk of your hand while using the pliers. I have to be careful that the heel of the blade isn't next to my palm. But even with that minor annoyance, it's still my preferred tool for everyday carry. For perspective, I also have the wave. I have the Gerber speed pliers (in no way inferior to Leatherman) . I have several Swiss army knives. I keep them so i can have back up in the truck, or car. And because they look cool and have sentimental value. But they are all bulkier to carry. it's the skeletool or one of my knife-biased tools that gets daily use. The crunch is an awesome concept, and if I were to get another, for the toolbox, it'd be that.

    • Since pliers don't fall into my "must have" criteria, I also carry around some more knife-biased tools. The knife ona Leatherman is ok to use... But it is not ideal. It's more satisfying to me when the primary use of the tool is not compromised, and i findi reach fora blade more often than anything else. So I carry around more knife-biased tools frequently. The Kershaw select fire gets frequent rotation. Also the Kershaw funxion diy.

    • Leatherman does make knife-biased tools too. The last one that makes my every day carry rotation is the Leatherman Crater C33T. Also a very nice little tool to have tucked inside my waist band.

      I have a preference for smooth blades over serrated blades... Easier to sharpen.

    • The original Leatherman (I keep one along with tire repair stuff on my GS) with the folding tools on the outside of the handle will leave some marks on your hands if you use significant force with the pliers. Many people didn't like that.

      About 10 years or so ago Leatherman came out with the Juice series -- non locking blade in various combinations, each member of the series having a different color. I wound up with the Purple model that lives in a pocket of my riding gear. I use about every part of the took except the knife blade. If I need a blade theres a mini-Griptilian in my pants pocket. I prefer locking blades that I can both open AND close one handed.