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    • Hi Brian! I have a question about artwork. I do a lot of pixel art of athletes and often use other people’s photos as source material for my concepts. If I ever sell prints of the artwork, I try my best to manipulate and collage together the pose, change the colors, change the background so it’s not the same as any one photograph, but I’ve always been curious about how much an artist needs to “change” the image for it to be considered safe from infringement? I often see paintings of athletes that are sold and are clearly from other photographs, for example.

      In the example below, I used a photograph by Jimmy Chin as a source material for a pixel art piece that I drew by hand (in photoshop). Because it’s pretty similar to the original photo, I fully credited the photographer when I posted this to Instagram and don’t sell prints of this particular piece because I didn’t want to infringe on copyright. Was I right to assume this? I’ve always been curious about where that line is. It seems vague and ambiguous. Do you have any insight on these issues?