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    • I'm generally opposed to imposing liability for user generated content on websites. The way I read the proposed EU articles seemed pretty draconian about what content websites are expected to police. To use an example, I'm not sure many websites would want to roll the dice and host game streamers doing commentary over gameplay.

      One of the other issues is it contributes to a fracturing effect of the Internet. Europe keeps creating more boundaries to the European market including this and GDRP regulatory schemes. Eventually it's not going to be worth it for smaller entities to put in the effort to enter the European market.

      I think the US has a good thing going with Section 230 protections for content hosts even though some courts seem to be taking a machete to it.

      I haven't followed Article 13 super closely so take my opinion with a margarita rim of salt.

      If you want a more connected opinion about Article 13, one of the European MEPs from Estonia did an AMA about it today: