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    • First of all, it's pretty crazy how many people it took from far-flung places around the globe to make the rescue. I've done a fair amount of diving so I'd love to know all the details about how they pulled this off. Vern Unsworth, the guy who found the boys and then recruited experts from as far away as England, thought it was hopeless. He said "Just to get any of them out alive would have been a miracle. But to get 13 out of 13 ... won't happen again," he says. "(It's the) biggest miracle ever."

      You would think that Musk's offer of help and Vern's heroism would mean hugs all around. But Elon is busy calling Vern a pedo(phile) on Twitter, and doubling down about it. That's because Vern called Elon's effort a publicity stunt. Now there's a whole Reddit thread on what a jerk Elon really is.

      So will he solve the Flint water crisis?

    • ”sorry paedo guy” .... musk has deleted this tweet but it’s screen grabbed

      I know very little about musk but calling a man who helped rescue those kids a paedo is beyond the pale