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    • Hi,

      I realized today that my timeline suddenly contains several posts from topics I do not follow. I have verified I’m under “for you” not “all” as well.

      Not sure if there was an update pushed out that may have affected this, but wanted to point it out.

      For example one post with categories of photography, editorial photography, memories, and photojournalism is in my feed, but I verified I’m not following any of those categories.

    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for pointing this out and sorry for the confusion.

      It turns out it's not a bug but it is new and it sounds like something we need to clarify. We're noticing that when people sign up, they sometimes choose just a few categories and often very detailed ones. Since we're early and haven't invited a lot of people yet, they get a for you feed that isn't as full of content as they'd like. In that case we mix in a few popular posts to help them discover other topics to follow.

      I'm really sorry you had to do the detective work on this and it came across as something that we broke.