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    • With only 4.7 million people New Zealand is a small country and we are at the bottom of the world, but I believe we generally punch above our weight on the world scene with things like:

      NZ was the first country to give women the vote
      Ernest Rutherford, first person to split the atom was a New Zealander
      The first trans-global radio transmission was sent from NZ to London, England
      Edmund HiIlary, first man to climb Mt Everest was from New Zealand
      Bungy Jumping and the Zorb were both invented in NZ
      As were the humble eggbeater, the referees' whistle and disposable syringes
      The jetboat engine was another kiwi invention
      Burt Munroe and Bruce Mclaren are only 2 of many famous New Zealand racers
      There is evidence indicating that farmer and inventor Richard Pearse flew a plane on 31st March 1903 for 140 metres before it crashed - some nine months before the Wright brothers

      So why do we keep getting left off world maps?

      This crime is so common there's even a website devoted to it and has been perpetuated by such supposedly respectable agencies as the United Nations and the Smithsonian Institute.

      Now even our Prime Minister has starting asking questions

    • That's hilarious and also awful. 😆

      @Felicity and I spent a week in Auckland a few years ago and loved it. Would be a shame if people couldn't find the place!

    • Yes., but your 37-year-old pregnant Prime Minister is putting you on the map. A lot of us in America are envious, like we are of Canada.

      Although Liz Jones, for the Mail on Sunday, said "Oh please! Giving birth months after winning an election isn't multi-tasking, it's more a betrayal of voters."

      "Surely your country shouldn't have to compete for your attention with a colicky toddler."