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    • The reason vampires don't show up in photos is because they aren't reflected in mirrors so what if you use a camera with a mirrorless lens?

    • The question demonstrates a misunderstanding of SLRs.

      The mirror in an SLR swings up out of the light path while the shutter is open, so although the shooter might not see a vampire in the viewfinder before exposure, the mirror will have no effect on whether the vampire is captured by the sensor or film since it is out of the path of the light entering the camera while the shutter is open allowing incident light to pass on through to the sensor or emulsion.

      One just needs an emulsion designed to capture the emission spectrum of an active vampire.... Very long infrared is favored by most vampire hunters I believe, since they are so cold.


    • A small aperture is favored in an SLR for greater depth of field , since AutoFocus in SLRs does depend on an image reflected from the mirror, which won't occur with a vampire.

      For that reason, many vampire hunters do prefer mirrorless cameras, since mirrorless camera's AF is done via the sensor image itself.