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    • I also agree with Adam about getting an LG tv. I actually told myself that my next tv should be LG OLED model. Having had 3 different 4K Samsung TVs I can safely say that they are good, but not the picture quality on LGs is just overall more natural and better. I've also had both Samsung and LG monitors with similar results. The closest thing to LG is Samsung's new Quantum Dot displays.

    • Lots of LG love in here, and I agree! I have an LG OLED55E6P and it’s incredible. Rich, deep colors, the blackest blacks you’ve ever (not) seen, and Dolby Vision is stunning to behold. I highly recommend LG’s OLED TVs.

    • Wanted to add: 4K and HDR support among streaming services has gotten a lot better recently, especially now that iTunes supports it via the new Apple TV. If you've been waiting for 4K to take off before upgrading, now might be the time.

      Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Google Now, and VUDU all have an increasing amount of 4K and 4K+HDR content. LG's 4K TVs have great built-in apps for all of those services except iTunes.

      Quality-wise, I don't think 4K is nearly as noticeable an improvement over 1080p HD as HD was over standard-def. It looks great, but from five or six feet away most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

      What really does make a difference, though, is HDR, and especially Dolby Vision HDR. It allows a wider color gamut and much broader contrast range, and the result can be absolutely amazing, especially for colorful movies (like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and The LEGO Batman Movie) or for things that have lots of dark/light contrast. Documentaries like Planet Earth II will absolutely blow you away with how real they look.

    • I recommend making sure the TV you get will auto recognize an input and turn on / switch to the right input when you turn the device on or plug it in. The LG I have does this with the last generation Apple TV (with the Siri Remote) and with the Nintendo Switch. I would say if you use the switch, this is an almost mandatory feature.

    • My LG can do this, but I've actually disabled it. I use a universal remote that automatically turns on the TV, receiver, and whatever other device I intend to use and sets everything to the right inputs, and if I let the TV also try to auto-switch inputs then the TV and the remote end up fighting each other. 😄

    • my 8 year old 40" sony tv is due replacement. What I like about the new tv's is that the screen goes right to the edge. I can get a 49" that will physically be the same size as my current 40".

      I've always bought Sony but this thread is swaying me towards an LG. My current tv shows the backlight in dark scenes. Getting true blacks in a new tv is one of the reasons I want to upgrade.

    • While not under 1000, it's close... we ended up getting a 55" LG 4K OLED from 2016 for only $1500. I think the model number is OLED55B6P. If you buy previous years models the price is about 1000-1500 dollars cheaper while still pretty amazing in terms of quality.