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    • Haven't seen anybody else, and I don't really expect to either. In all my time on the internet, I haven't really known Malaysians to be fans of writing/blogging, and the content on Cake doesn't seem like the kind of content Malaysians might be interested in.

      Unfortunately, Malaysians are only interested in the garbage on Facebook.

    • One of my very favorite countries! I went there to photograph the Petronas Towers at one time to make a huge mural for the walls of a business. Extraordinary. I loved every minute of it.

    • Salamat petang.

      I lived in Johor for 6 years on Pulau Sibu until 1997.

      I loved every minute that I spent in Malaysia.

      I hope to return next year for the Moto GP at Sepang and to visit mates in KL.

      Welcome to the cake community.

    • Living here is, interesting. Between our political drama, our keyboard warriors always fighting with each other on social media, weird stories going viral every other day, and our weather swings, there's never a dull moment lol.

      I plan on writing and sharing more about Malaysia here on Cake. Quite excited to share about my country.

    • Unfortunately, Malaysians are only interested in the garbage on Facebook.

      Haha yeah. Whenever I say I don't have FB (I do but it's pretty much dead), friends are like shocked or think I'm outdated. They think I should learn to use Insta too 😅

      Fingers crossed we'll come across more Malaysians outside Zuckerberg networks.

    • After 6 years of Android, I got tired of it and wanted to try something new. I've also lost confidence in Android because after 1 year they all tend to deteriorate in terms of battery life. I wrote a detailed story over here:

      I don't mind using both, I'm familiar with both their behavior. On paper iOS has more negative points but somehow I felt overall a happier user compared to while I was on Android. It has less features but also less things to worry about.