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    • As a woman I am a bit nervous about taking an Uber or Lyft ride. So I was glad to see some tips in this article for that situation as well as other great tips.

      The article covers several topics, with tips for each one.

      Better ways to summon your ride



      Under the safety one are suggestions for women. Getting into a car with a strange man can be scary and even dangerous.

      Here are some tips (they work for men as well):

      "When your ride arrives, ask the driver for the name of the passenger they are picking up. If it’s not your name, or she or he can’t say, do not get in." 


      You can share every ride’s details with someone that you personally trust. After the driver has accepted your request you can use the “Share location” or “Share status” button that appears in the app. That enables your trusted person to check your progress on a live, moving map. Just knowing that someone you trust knows your itinerary and destination is comforting and promotes safety.


      When you get in the back seat if you sit directly behind the driver it is more difficult for the driver to reach you physically.