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    • Love the way he puts things across but my time in front of a computer is running short as I'm about to hit the road very I'm out. But thanks for thinking of me.

      Will be interesting to watch this develop

    • Thanks for the tag @StephenL . I subscribed to a course a few years ago that looks similar, so I will probably pass.

      The first step towards better, wider, thinking is the willingness to do so.

    • He's entertaining and enthusiastic. But I'm a little skeptical that a course in "how to think" is going to do me much good at this point in my life. Not trying to brag or anything, but I don't consider thinking much of a problem. I'm certainly not saying there's no room for improvement, but it's just not a priority.

    • Thanks for thinking of me! I'll pass, though - not that I consider myself a master of scientific (or any other, for that matter) thinking, or communication, but I do feel I have some decent basics in both nailed down and a plethora of other things I'd rather be learning in my spare time for now - and that spare time is hard to come by as it is :)

    • I can't imagine sitting through this class, just listening to the trailer tells me it isn't for me.

      I'm happy with my thinking skills.

    • Bummer, I understand that the road beckons, however, I enjoyed our spirited yet respectful “best places to vacation” discussion in November and was hoping you could do this. Happy and safe riding.

    • but I do feel I have some decent basics in both nailed down and a plethora of other things I'd rather be learning in my spare time for now - and that spare time is hard to come by as it is :)

      Oh, you mean you can’t find the time for this course and all of your other hobbies such as

      horseback riding (English tack, trail riding and some amateur showjumping), kite pilot, motorcycles, rescue officer, Fuel Rat, electronics, home automation, piano, Origami, Hiking, photography

      (👆From JazliAziz’s What are your offline hobbies?)

      Dude, you need to better budget your time.


    • Thank you for the invitation

      Dr Tyson is a compelling speaker and a very engaging intellect, so I am modestly interested.

      Many highly educated individuals, including physicians like myself, tend to think their expertise in their field extends to most other areas of human endeavor. Gradually, as one ages, hopefully, that illusion is corrected by time and experience.

      It has been said that Real Life is where one takes the test, and then gets the education, unlike in school where those phenomena are in a nicer arrangement. Hopefully, the cost in time and effort of that post test, Real Life education, isn't too expensive; but it can be catastrophic at times, if one is really unfortunate, or foolhardy.

      I am going to be quite busy in January, and will not have reliable access to my computer, so I will have to defer it for now. I will reconsider it when I am at home, and have more free time.

      I did wonder about the cost, but when I clicked on Get All Access at the end of the video absolutely nothing happened. So at some point I will have to go to the MasterClass website and track it down, I guess.

    • Very interesting. I would never say I have no room to improve the way in which I think. Even if I was the most celebrated thinker on the planet. The sphere of knowledge is just too vast to think I have it all figured out. I think I would enjoy this but not at this time. But I certainly do appreciate you thinking of me for this. I have been intrigued by the Masterclass program for sometime now. I have always wondered if the fact of having to pay for it increases the perception of value? Or does a celebrity hosting the class add to the perception of value? I guess I would not know until I actually took a class!!!

    • I’ve decided to enroll in the course and have a weekly study discussion session.

      The course is 13 lessons long.

      I will be doing one lesson per week.

      ***Each lesson is 12 minutes long.

      Each week, I will be having a 48 hour discussion session on Cake from Tuesday evening to Thursday evening.

      Like W&Bshot Wednesdays, I am going to Lock 🔒this conversation in between discussion sessions.

      I will then unlock 🔐 this conversation on Tuesday evenings and post a message that discussion is open. Everyone following this conversation will get a notification whenever I post my “the discussion is opened” message.

      (So follow this conversation by pressing the blue button at the very top of this conversation.)

      You don’t have to take the course to participate in these weekly discussions: I think it would be interesting to get the perspectives of those who aren’t enrolled in the master class in the spirit of learning from each other.

      If you want enroll and join me, here is the link.

      The first study discussion session will be from

      Tuesday evening January 14th to Thursday evening January 16th

    • Currently reading through the 24 page handout for Lesson 1 and this phrase stuck with me as Neil’s “thought for the day”:

      People are rarely persuaded when you tell them they’re wrong.

    • Sorry for not starting this week. The 32 page handout is taking an enjoyably longer time than expected to get through: I may even re-read it this weekend. Once I’ve read through it sufficiently, I will watch the first video lesson and then prepare a first reflection for discussion.

      To be continued

    • Update

      This is slow going for me. It’s extremely dense reading, there’s so many deep thinking ideas discussed on each page that I’m only getting through one page a day of the first pdf. I’m also rusty at being a student. I therefore need more time to reflect on what the ideas mean in practice, and where I need to adjust my thinking or approach to finding the truth.

      I leave you with this quote until next week’s reflection.

      Science didn’t achieve maturity until we invented machines, mechanisms, devices that either replaced our senses, extended our senses, or became a whole other sense entirely.... There are things going on out there that our five senses know nothing about.

    • Update

      It’s amazing how quickly I forget that I have this course for study. I was reading a page this morning and thought I’d share these comments from Neil for reflection. (Feel free to start your own conversation on this quote, if you’re so moved.)

      On the issue of reconciling science and an omnipotent deity, Neil takes both a hard, unyielding stance and a more complex one. “Let there be no doubt that as they are currently practiced, there can be no common ground between science and religion,” he writes in the same essay, later collected in his book Death by Black Hole. He goes on to explain:
      “The claims of science rely on experimental verification, while the claims of religion rely on faith. These are irreconcilable approaches to knowing, which ensures an eternity of debate wherever and whenever the two camps meet. Although just as in hostage negotiations, it’s probably best to keep both sides talking to each other.”