I currently use three PreSonus Firestudio Project interfaces, which are daisychained with FireWire, running into a Thunderbolt adapter. Although they are no longer officially supported, PreSonus still uses the same Universal Control software for their newer products, which includes the Core Audio driver for my interfaces. I’ll be happy as long as these continue to work, but using unsupported hardware is a little stressful.

Next time I have to buy an interface, the manufacturer’s reputation for long term support will be one of my top priorities. Although they’re definitely more expensive, the entire Universal Audio Apollo series is still supported, because each generation has evolved on the same platform. They even used Thunderbolt 3 for their latest release for “future proofing,” in addition to the company selling replacement cards that update older interfaces to Thunderbolt for much less than a new interface. They seem to understand the needs of the “prosumer” market better than anyone in the space.