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    • For what it's worth, I use the thinky-face emoji a lot because I feel like there are SO many thoughtful and insightful conversations that provide a lot of food for thought here on Cake! So it just means "I'm thinking about it," or "That's interesting," not necessarily anything negative.

      Thought you might find this amusing re: the poop emoji, though.

    • We've listened to your feedback and removed the "Poop" reaction while adding an "Idea" reaction. Now that was a great 💡!

    • The text trigger for that emoji usually is "thinking". In Slack :thinking: renders 🤔. I always see it as a thinking or wondering clue.

    • My only concern (most likely hilarious) now is if others who knew, wouldn't think of what it replaced when seeing the new one used!

    • So I think the way it works is posts who got the poop emoji in the past keep the poop emoji, it's just not available as an option anymore.