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    • I think that the right approach would be to have an in depth conversation with the team over at Impossible foods to understand what their greatest challenge is and see if marketing and communications is the segment that they need help in.

      From there, it would be about lining up the more practical resources: space, time, duration, activation - and custom sculpting a narrative.

      So hypothetically - if Impossible foods was looking to market how much more environmentally friendly their burger is and had access to a large hallway space within SFO airport , I might recommend something along the lines of trying to bring to life the statistic on how it takes 2500 L of water to create one pound of beef vs X L of water to create one pound of impossible meat.

      The visual of that could be hundreds of bottles of water of different sizes, hanging from the ceiling, all pouring into a single hamburger... vs. a couple bottles of water pouring into an impossible burger.

      It's the kind of visual that will have people wondering from afar, and when it clicks can occupy the kind of emotional space within someone's heart that a pure statistic just doesn't quite achieve.

      Of course, if Impossible wanted to market based on taste it would have to be an entirely different experience.