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    • haha yes. I guess the simple story is Mining Engineer -> Crazy Photography -> Artist/Activist

      Creating the photoshoot 90 feet underwater was mostly luck. I had just gotten my dive certification the day before and really wanted to use the opportunity while I was in Bali to create something cool.

      The project happened through a series of random events: Me posting on facebook asking if there were good spots to dive in Bali, which lead to Cassandra AnnDragon introducing me to Dive Master by the name of Chris Simanjuntak who said that he'd help take care of dive safety for the photoshoot, who's wife happened to be an underwater model with modeling contacts and connected us to dress designer Ali Charisma, with free divers/Models Camilla Argent and Nora Lestari flying themselves in to be a part of the project...

      The actual mechanics of the underwater photoshoot were handled by Chris. I would show him a photograph of a place I wanted to go and he'd lead us there, attach a weight or hooks to the shipwreck before tying down the free divers in position. I would gesticulate wildly trying to explain what I wanted the models to do, occasionally communicating via an underwater writing pad. Once we were all set, the models would remove their mask, air, and the divers would float off out of the shot so that I could try to capture the shot I had in my mind. From there we would recalibrate, rinse and repeat.

      Models would hold their breath for almost 4 minutes at a time!