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    • It's a small world I'm sure it'll happen. I tend to wait until the stars align rather than to be pushy and sell hard! At the end of the day, the projects that are the most successful are the ones that are collaborative, not uni-directional.

      With regards to the next generation, I think that kids might need to start getting more granular and less idealistic. Although it may not look like it, there are tons of very smart concerned people working towards changing the system but those changes take time.

      At some point, it's less about telling people about what's wrong and more about proposing an alternative or a better solution.


      As for those focused purely on telling better stories, I would recommend focusing on small localized impact. The small successes help open up the door to bigger success. If you can convince one building to switch to solar, you can convince ten. If you can convince ten, you can now convince hundreds.

      Tell a globally relevant story but highlight the small localized impact you're able to have. It's what I'm trying to work towards on my latest pieces!