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    • Legendary Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died at age 87 due to a long battle with pancreas cancer. She is an icon and will be greatly missed.

      Also, it will be interesting to see how things play out politically if Trump does indeed try to replace her given that the Republicans blocked Obama's pick Merrick Garland before the end of the of his time in office.

    • Just as they did during the Kavanaugh confirmation, the radical left-wing mob will throw everything they can at us. Their allies in the liberal media will smear us and they’ll spend MILLIONS to try and stop us.
      But I’m committed to filling this vacancy and I’m counting on YOU to help me do it. 

      President Trump and I can’t do this alone.
      Now more than ever, I’m counting on our conservative grassroots army to help me win this fight. Will you step up at this critical hour in our nation’s history?
      Thank you,
      Mitch McConnell

      ⬆️ For some reason, e-mails from Republicans intended for my sister (who won’t be voting for Trump in 2020) get sent my way. I always flag and move them to junk. But before I move this one to junk, I thought I would copy and paste it in here just to give you all a taste of the other side.

    • The main reason why everyone on the left is freaking out about Ruth Bader Ginsburg dying is the fear of Roe vs. Wade being overturned. That should be obvious. I recognize that this is a sensitive topic and so I wish to articulate my position on Roe vs. Wade delicately and exactly:

      Let me first say that I fully support the abortion position of the LDS church:

      "Elective abortion for personal or social convenience is contrary to the will and the commandments of God...Church leaders have said that some exceptional circumstances may justify an abortion, such as when pregnancy is the result of incest or rape, when the life or health of the mother is judged by competent medical authority to be in serious jeopardy, or when the fetus is known by competent medical authority to have severe defects that will not allow the baby to survive beyond birth.

      But even these circumstances do not automatically justify an abortion. Those who face such circumstances should consider abortion only after consulting with their local Church leaders and receiving a confirmation through earnest prayer."

      When looking at the church's position in FULL, it's clear that the church does not support abortion for the purposes of personal or social convenience AND that in exceptional circumstances, abortion is morally permissible following careful deliberation, prayer, and consultation with church leaders.

      Not everyone in the United States of America is a member of the LDS church and thus isn't able to have access to church leaders, but the other two aspects apply to all women in this country: deliberation and prayer.

      To put it more simply, the church is saying that in exceptional circumstances, a woman should be given the right to choose whether or not she will go through with an abortion. It's between her, God, and competent medical professionals. There is no mention of government.

      The church has taken no official position on what the laws should be, but I personally believe that any laws that attempt to restrict a woman's right to an abortion in the cases of rape, incest, health of the mother in serious jeopardy, and/or severe defects that will not allow the baby to survive past birth go against the teachings of the LDS church.

      Sadly, if Roe vs. Wade were to be overturned, more than half the states and territories in the United States would likely push for a total ban on abortion or heavily restrict it to a point that a woman wouldn't be guaranteed the right to have an abortion in all of the exceptional cases outlined by the LDS church's policy.

      It is for this reason that I sincerely hope that Roe vs. Wade is NOT overturned. Every woman should be guaranteed the right to make that difficult decision for herself without fear of the government getting in her way. It should be between her, competent medical professionals, and God. Period.

      I know that there are women out there who choose to have abortions for personal and/or social convenience. I do not believe that these abortions are morally justifiable. At the same time, I don't believe it's fair for the government to tell a woman what she can do with her body. People need to be given free agency to make such decisions. Even if they are the wrong decisions.

      Further, as a man, I don't feel it's fair for me to tell a woman what she can and can't do with her body. It's easy for me to weigh in when it doesn't affect me in such a personal way. If I was a woman, I would probably view this issue differently and much more personally.

      There's another side of this issue that doesn't get talked about enough: The fact that women who get abortions in these exceptional circumstances are too often shamed and not supported as they should be.

      When people come out and say abortion is wrong in all cases and that anyone who has an abortion is evil, they forget that there are women out there who have made a very difficult and private decision for reasons that were beyond their control. They're hurting and are already in enough pain. Such shaming only makes them feel worse and doesn't help alleviate any suffering.

      Rather than looking for ways to restrict abortion and make it tougher for women to get the health care that they need, we should instead be looking at ways to support them and help them make the most well-informed decisions that they can.

      "Teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves." -Joseph Smith, first president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, prophet of the restoration.

      ⬆️ I posted the above post on Facebook. My conservative Mormon friends are certain to object.

    • “I think, for example, that we have a bad habit of calling McConnell’s double standard—which will be devastating to a country already struggling through various legitimacy crises—“hypocrisy.” And sure, step onto Twitter after Lindsey Graham also unabashedly went back on his own word and you’ll see many a person rolling their eyes at anyone pointing out that Republicans are hypocrites, as if it matters. One can sympathize with the eye-rollers—of course hypocrisy doesn’t matter. But that’s mostly because hypocrisy isn’t the word for what this is. Hypocrisy is a mild failing. It applies to parents smoking when they advise their kids not to for their own good; it does not apply to parents lighting the family home on fire for the insurance money while high-fiving each other over how stupid their fleeing children were for thinking anything they told them was true.”

    • Protests in Warsaw are crazy big. It looks like Poland and the United States are among a handful of repressive governments that are pushing for abortion restrictions. Mainly countries like New Zealand, Australia and Western Europe are easing them.