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    • A month ago there was some buzz about Dropbox's redesign. I'm not a designer but like most people I like beautiful, simple things and I'm interested in the thought that went behind them. For some reason, I glanced at their new design and shrugged. I really didn't know what to think.

      So this morning comes this article from NextWeb: Dropbox really screwed up its new design. I know, there are always haters for every redesign, but the points about simplicity, consistency... What do you think? Dropbox Paper seems beautifully designed.

    • I understand their desire to break away from the notion that they are just a box to put stuff in. I thought the logo change was an interesting attempt to move away from that notion. With a few subtle shifts to the geometry it's no longer just a box, but still recognizably the Dropbox logo. Points for being clever, but in the end their name is still Dropbox. 🤷‍♂️

      I'm not in love with their new font, Sharp Grotesk. It's not horrible, but the x-height makes it feel a little squished looking.

      The color combinations are an obvious outcry for attention. I think they are trying to be hip and cool, but I don't think it works well. It adds chaos to the logo and I don't understand who they are they trying to identify with. They also remind me of browsing the sock selection at Nordstrom. 😂

    • Ryan Grove

      The core design of Dropbox Paper and the main Dropbox product didn't actually change much at all during this redesign (thank god). It would probably be more accurate to call this a rebranding, since most of the changes were to logos, marketing pages, and other content outside of the core product.

      I've always loved the crisp, clean blue and white aesthetic of the core Dropbox (and Dropbox Paper) UI, and I'm glad they haven't made many changes there. But I think the rebranding is an absolute disaster.

      I don't mind the changes to the shape of the logo, but the new color schemes are just vomit. I agree with @bstrong that it seems like a cry for attention. I also agree with his critique of Sharp Grotesk.

      It does look like Dropbox has recently pulled back a bit on the rebranding. When I checked out their marketing pages after the initial rebranding announcement a few weeks ago the new vomit color scheme was all over the place, but now those pages are mostly back to the far less ugly blue and white aesthetic. Maybe they're listening?

    • Dropbox has become less revolutionary and less relevant with the rise of iCloud and Google Drive. Things are now a lot easier to sync than they once were. Totally agree with what @bstrong and @yaypie said about the redesign. This is a perfect example of "Lets make it red" cry for attention.

      The super-wide Grotesk typeface is a disaster of its own. With the new all-over-the-place color palette, the branding is now less clear and strong. But at least they've kept a simple and recognizable logo mark...

    • To me the change is minor. It really didn't mean anything other than we are changing things. I think it is important for a company to evolve. The logo didn't do much of achange for me. Seeing what JungleDisk did with the change in service levels at the same time, that was a larger change in my opinion.

    • Keenan Wells

      I don't feel that strongly about the change since the product itself remains largely untouched. I want to like the new shape of the logo mark. The original always felt like an "on the nose" first draft concept. I like the update but it has a little alignment hiccup that bugs me. Maybe it looks more like a sock now, but I'll post my edit here regardless:

    • It's funny because looking back on this, I actually like it better not aligned. Not only does it look more like a box, as you mentioned, but something about that little hiccup in the alignment actually gives it a little more character.

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